Just back from a New York trip working for my favorite boss ~ my sister.  Lindsay employs me twice a year as a buyer for her women’s boutique in Houston ~ Muse.  Muse was Lindsay’s dream from the time she lived in Los Angeles working for Dolce and Gabbana, Tory Burch and Jill Roberts.  She learned the business inside out, backward and forward, and headed back to Houston (where we grew up) to make her dream come true.  Muse has been successfully adorning Houstonians for over 8 years.  Lindsay graces Houston charity and fashion events, as well as local magazines, newspapers and television with her fabulous fashion insights, inspirations and imagination.

I love being her co-buyer at market.  Over many years, we have honed our skills ~ better understanding our designers, customers and the retail fashion market.  But more than adoring the job, I absolutely adore my sister.  She successfully manages running her own business, a husband who runs his own business, as well as two tiny precious daughters.  As we rode in a cab in NY from one appointment to another, making ruthless decisions about handbag styles and denim finishes, I watched her Face Time her 3 year-old Georgia and almost two year-old Mila ~ talking princess wands and breakfast fare.  She even had the cab driver make a cameo so the little girls could better understand exactly what mama was doing.

Lindsay is eleven years my junior and so we are navigating cycles of life at different times ~ she was an adolescent when I married, in college when I gave birth.  Then my girls were flower girls at her wedding and now my teens babysit their little cousins.  Because I’ve mostly “been there,” Lindsay asks my advise on many things, and my know-it-all personality never lets me neglect giving an opinion.  What I don’t tell her is that she is way wiser, far more business savvy, the most incredible momager, and has a superior sense of sensitivity and intuition.  I am watching, learning, gleaning inspiration from my sister every step of the way.