I am so delighted to tell you that we have several new, exciting treatments at Sharla Barrett Skin Care!

The Ultimate Facial Treatment ~ Safe, Quick and Effective

With age and exposure to the environment, skin texture roughens, spots appear and fine lines make their debut. MicroPhototherapy treatments gently reinvigorate your skin, and in just 8 sessions, can recapture yesterday’s glow.

With the healing power of LHE (light and heat energy) this treatment works deep beneath the surface of the skin giving it a younger, healthier appearance by addressing fine lines, pore size, pigmentation and complexion firmness. Soothing pulses of heat work together with light to remove sun spots, even out the skin tone and smooth the texture of your skin with virtually no down time and no discomfort.

Treat yourself to a complete series of MicroPhototherapy treatments, or add it to your regular facial program. Your skin will look and feel more revitalized and refreshed than ever before.

Some feedback from my clients:

“I don’t always notice big changes in my skin after my treatments but this morning , it hit me immediately when I looked in the mirror! What is the new treatment called again?” Mia, 37

“Come and see my amazing skin!!!! My chin is healed!” Laura, 48

“I am just LOVING how my skin looks.  Thank you, thank you!!” Trisha, 50

This feedback is after ONE initial trial treatment! Can you imagine after the whole series?!? I’m so excited about this new treatment. It was introduced to me by an esthetician mentor in San Francisco who has had a skin treatment center for 27 years. This is her favorite treatment ever and she has been using it on her clients for 4 years. I am certainly pleased with the results on my own skin, but THRILLED with the feedback from the clients who have tried it. Please inquire about this exciting new treatment.

The ClearTouch Lite
Finally ~ A Truly Effective Acne Treatment

Acne is a disorder of the sebaceous glands resulting in plugged pores and outbreak of lesions. Although commonly considered a teenage problem, many adults suffer from varying degrees of active acne.

Using a unique combination of Light and Heat Therapy (LHE), the ClearTouch Lite effectively clears acne lesions in a third of the time of standard topical and oral treatments.

Red and green light penetrate deep into the skin to start a chemical reaction that ultimately destroys the acne at its source. The heat intensifies the process and gently opens the pores to release the clog and soothe the inflammation.

A series of eight treatments over a four week period is all it takes to achieve dramatically clearer, smoother, acne-free skin. I’m currently using this on a 14 year old acne client, and we both think it’s a revolutionary treatment!

Permanent Hair Removal
Wax with Laser Like Results
No Machines and No Lasers

As excited as I am about the LHE machines for anti-aging and acne, I am equally excited about our new permanent hair removal system!!! Epilfree is a 3 step process that includes waxing and 2 different topicals applied in the treatment. It is unique, natural, patented, safe, simple, painless and effective. It is also a fraction of the cost of laser hair removal.

Unlike laser hair removal, Epilfree can be used on all hair and skin types, and is suitable for all ages and all parts of the body. It is free of side effects and you do not have to worry about sun exposure. The company suggests 8 – 12 treatments, but varies amongst individuals and body parts. We treated one client’s belly from bikini line to above the navel and the reduction in hair after ONE TREATMENT was very dramatic.

Lovely and talented Barbara Warner, a hair removal professional of many years, will perform this treatment at Sharla Barrett Skin Care. Please inquire for an appointment and pricing.

Finally, I have some new tools for your regular facial treatment, including my DermaFile ~ a manual system of micro-dermabrasion using the same finely crushed cosmetic diamonds typically found on the micro-dermabrasion machines. Also new to the treatment room is the Ultrasonic Negative Ion Spatula, an electrical tool used to stimulate skin cells to improve circulation and product absorption. Ultrasonic vibrations exfoliate superficial scaly layers of the skin, reviving skin tissue. It’s all very scientific, but the results are delicious!

Please let us know how we may serve you!