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I am very pleased to tell you about Circadia Myo-Cyte Serum, a natural alternative to Botox.  This award-winning product was introduced to me last year and I began using it immediately.  My own skin care guru described the results she and the company has been seeing, and said it was amazing.  Reluctant to speak about it with my clients right away, I wanted to see results for myself.  And I have.  The relaxation of my brow expression lines has been astounding.  I am also pleased with the results around my mouth and chin.  Recently, I began using it on my clients in the treatment room at the end of the facial and asked them to let me know if they noticed a softening over the next few days ~ Well, they did!  And many are now using the product at home daily with excellent results.

Now for the science.  This product was created by Dr. Pugliese, a skin care pioneer who has dedicated 40 years to the science of skin and aging.  He wrote the book (seriously he has written skin care textbooks) on skin care.  The multi-peptide formula of Myo-Cyte inhibits certain wrinkling inducing compounds in the skin.  It also stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin.  From what I’m told, the percentage of active ingredients such as Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000, Snap 8 and Inyline , all extremely effective peptides, are what make this product so exceptional. Hyaluronic acid and Passion Flower extract, also ingredients, are powerful and natural muscle relaxants.

As some of you know I had an opportunity to hear Michael Pugliese, Dr. Pugliese’s grandson and Circadia’s product educator, speak at the skin show in New York.  I continue to be impressed with the company’s research and product development in the anti-aging catergory.  Stay tuned . . .