Happy Holidays from My Family to You and Yours ~

I hope your holidays are happy and healthy and joyful.  At this time of reflection and appreciation, I hope to inspire you to be and appreciate your best self.  The simple act of caring for yourself is deliberate and thoughtful, and can make all the difference in your life.  Being a whole person ~ physically, emotionally and spiritually ~ take only but the smallest bit of effort.  But an everyday effort.  It is pretty easy to take a walk, but it’s pretty easy not to.  It is easy to take your supplements, wash your face, count your blessings, seek sources of inspiration, tell your loved ones that indeed you do . . . but it’s pretty easy not to.  Be the best YOU you can be by investing a moment of time every single day in yourself.  Will it change your life if you exercise today?  No, probably not.  But if you do it day after day, you will be immeasurably fitter, healthier, less stressed . . . And that goes for every good thing you do to take care of yourself.  Take pleasure in small awakenings. Make deliberate choices about what you want and don’t want in your life.  I hope you will realize your full potential everyday ~

Stand up/sit up straight ~ doing it again and again and again will imprint in your physical body and will eventually just occur naturally.  Your spine will serve you well for evermore.

Sleep ~ Prioritize rest.  To show up wholly in the rest of your life, you need to be fully rested.

Move ~ The one house you cannot move out of is your body.  Plan for longevity with strength, flexibility and balance.

Plan ~ Look forward, visualize, dream, manifest ~ create a sense of purpose and vitality.

Be Generous ~ Be kind, smile, touch.  Generosity of spirit, time, energy, enthusiasm.

Nurture ~ A garden, a pet, a child, a parent.  Do it lovingly and deliberately and see the beauty that blossoms.

Celebrate ~ Our true nature is joyful, compassionate, honest and peaceful.

Be Grateful ~ Gracious, gracious thanks for our incredible blessings.

You, dear reader, are amongst my blessings.  Thank you!