Evening Primrose Oil

A supplement I take daily is Evening Primrose Oil. It is excellent for the skin. Evening Primrose Oil contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty acid that your body uses to rebuild skin cells and repair collagen – “and that is what keeps wrinkles at bay. Without GLA, your body is robbed of an essential tool for creating beautiful skin,” according to Gaelle of Gaelle Organic. It also provides essential nutrients for glossy hair and strong nails.

GLA is an omega 6 fatty acid that also relieves pain and inflammation, and helps prevent heart disease.

By working to dilute sebum, a thick oily substance that is a major contributor to acne, the essential fatty acids (EFAs) in Evening Primrose Oil can help with pores becoming clogged. The oil’s EFAs also help treat rosacea by reducing inflammation.

Finally, this powerful supplement is known to relieve premenstrual as well as menopausal symptoms. My daughters and I take this supplement daily and have absolutely no PMS ~ none. I like Barleans brand, available at Whole Foods and other markets, as well as at Vitacost.