Doing what you love ~


I recently had the GREAT pleasure of seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert here in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. Though our seats weren’t front and center, the giant screens let you see Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John as if you were standing right in front of them. It was a great show, but I was most amazed at Stevie Nicks’ beautiful, happy, serene, unlined face ~ singing her tunes that make me cry . . . “children get older, and I’m getting older too . . “ She twirled and bobbed, pranced and bowed. This lovely lady loves what she does ~ and has for a very long time. She is surrounded by fans, colleagues, band mates and loves. Creative, talented and generous, her passion is evident from head to toe. Let’s all do what we love . . . sing, walk, garden, cook, create, swim, read, pet your dog, play, laugh, love . . .