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Teen Queens

Got teens? I do ~ do I ever. They are fun and funny, smart and smart-aleck, dramatic and sensitive, and way cooler than me!

One of the realizations that you have a full blown teen on your hands, beside the fact that they are 10 times faster than you on any technological apparatus, is the new blemishes on their previously perfect childhood skin. Pimples, blackheads, breakouts . . .

In addition to my 2 teen daughters, I see a lot of teens in my treatment room. The first and absolute best thing they can do is WASH THEIR FACE. It is so simple yet I rarely have a teen who says they do it everyday. “When I think of it” or “Sometimes in the shower.” Even my own daughters who must at least pretend to chant the skin care mantras will rarely wash their faces daily.

It is amazing the improvement I see when a teen starts washing their face every day. It is important that they wash properly ~ using their CLEAN fingers as little scrubbers across their forehead and on and around the nose especially. It definitely helps if they have a cleanser they like, or one that has been recommended to them. It is also crucial that they remove the product entirely from the skin. Either by splashing water, or as I prefer, using a wet wash cloth.

As they master and perform this one effective, easy skin care step other tips for clear skin can be introduced ~ drinking plenty of water, keeping their hands off the face, never-ever picking . . . but let’s start with a clean face.

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