Summer Reading

I just read Gabrielle Reece’s My Foot Is Too Big For The Glass Slipper:  A Guide To The Less Than Perfect Life. This laugh out loud, brutally honest book is a delight. I especially loved what she says about exercise.

“Still, regular exercise is the secret to everything. There is nothing else we do about which we can make that claim. Unless you just rolled out of the operating room, there’s hardly ever a reason not to go out for a walk. We all know that exercise is necessary for weight loss, developing muscle tone, and cardiovascular health. But the benefits just keep on coming: regular workouts prevent low back pain and varicose veins, boosts your immune system, and wards off the common cold; it gives you the glowing complexion of a chick many years younger; and gets your digestive tract on track. Exercise reduces your chance of dying young, of suffering a stroke or heart attack. It’s not only a natural cure for depression, but also deals out all those great endorphins, the world’s best high, natural or otherwise.”

True dat! Now go take a walk!!