Gaelle Lehrer Kennedy

One of the best things that has happened to me , as an esthetician and as a woman, is meeting my friend Gaelle. In her sixties, Gaelle has developed one of the most beautiful skin care lines I have used. Searching for a colostrum cream that had been recommended to me, I met Gaelle. She saw the product in my hand and asked if I would mind trying her colostrum cream. “It will change your life,” she said matter-of-factly. The rest is history.

Gaelle lives and breathes her advice on skin care ~ nourish your body, exercise daily, laugh, engage, and use organic, natural products on your skin. Gaelle and I meet for tea, conversation, laughs and inspiration at her outdoor office in the beautiful hills of Ojai, California. She is my teacher and my friend.

You never know where and when you are going to meet someone who enlightens you, lifts you, and becomes your friend.